What We Do

Leading hikes and rafting trips, marking trails, and restoring historic buildings are just some of the things that we at the Outdoor Albania Association do. As a non-profit eco-tourism organization, we run hostels and daytrips for backpackers, and then reinvest the profits in the community. Currently, we’re developing ecotourism in the mountainous Dibër region and restoring a historical water-powered mill in Peshkopi. Want to learn more about our projects, or plan an eco-vacation for yourself? Click here!

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Who We Are

The Outdoor Albania Association is a group of nature lovers, adventure seekers, and community builders committed to preserving Albania’s green spaces and developing ecotourism in partnership with local communities. As a non-profit ecotourism organization, we believe in sharing the beauty of Albania with others while educating our people to care for the beautiful lands that surround us.

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Work With Us

We are always ready to work with like-minded people who are excited about caring for the lands around us and exploring new cultures. If you want to be part of our work in Albania, we welcome you as a volunteer or contributor. Talk to us about how you can work with us!

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The Outdoor Albania Association is the brainchild of Outdoor Albania, a for-profit tourism agency that now operates independently of the Outdoor Albania Association.