What We Do

Leading hikes and other outdoor sports, marking trails, and restoring historic buildings are just some of the things that we at the Outdoor Albania Association do. Our past projects- always developed in partnership with local residents- have included and converting an abandoned school into a backpacker hostel in the coastal village of Vuno, and making a trail complete with outlook platforms and education plaques to Pellumbas Cave near Tirana. Currently, we’re developing ecotourism in the mountainous Diber region and restoring a traditional water-powered mill in Peshkpi. Want to learn more about our projects, or plan an eco-vacation for yourself? Click here!

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Who We Are

The Outdoor Albania Association is a group of nature lovers, adventure seekers, and community builders committed to preserving Albania’s green spaces and developing ecotourism in partnership with local communities. We are a non-profit ecotourism organization that believes in educating our people to care for the beautiful lands that surround us, in sharing the beauty of Albania with others, and in creating sustainable development in rural Albania by empowering communities to take advantage of the many opportunities for ecotourism in this region.

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Work With Us

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– The Outdoor Albania Association is a non-profit organization, not associated with Outdoor Albania, a for-profit tourism agency of a similar name. –