Bike Albania


During recent years, Albania has witnessed a rapid growth in tourism thanks to its geographical position encompassing both coast and mountains, its rich, yet enigmatic cultural heritage, and its beautiful, raw landscapes. The biking routes described here offer long-distance bikers helpful information to make use of the opportunity to spend a bicycle holiday filled with breathtaking views and friendly people in Albania.



This guide offers some advice on routes for bikers wishing to travel the Northwestern parts of Albania, and is produced as part of the project “Promotion of Bicycle Tourism in North-Western Albania and Tirana”. The study was commissioned by GEF Small Grants Program and was supervised by Outdoor Albania Association.

  The information presented here is intended to be a preliminary guide to bikers who are visiting Albania. The routes it describes are the ones that extend from the Albanian capital, Tirana, to the border crossings near the city of Shkodra, on the shores of Shkodra Lake. These routes offer the possibility of visiting Kruja and Lezha, two mountain towns known for their beauty in the south and north, respectively.

Northwest Albania Bicycling Information and Maps (.zipfiles)

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