Peshkopi Watermill Restoration



Since the early 1900’s, the Peshkopi Mill had been run by the Saraci family, who made their living grinding grain in the traditional way, which produces finely ground, high-quality flour by using water power. The Peshkopi Mill was central to village life and economy for almost a century, grinding the crops of farmers throughout the Dibër region. However, with the introduction of faster and cheaper electric mills, the Saraci’s mill eventually fell out of use.

For many  years it stood out of use, steadily growing dilapidated, until Outdoor Albania began restoration work on it in the summer of 2015. The owner Ilir Saraci along with a group of local and international volunteers, were able to fully restore the roof, which had completely fallen in, and to begin repairing the stonework inside the building, as well.             Mill With New RoofAs we popularize Peshkopi as a tourist destination through hiking and rafting outings, we hope to also add the Old Mill to the list of sites. Long-term, Outdoor Albania plans to fully restore the inside of the mill, assisting Ilir to open it as a museum where travelers can enjoy a coffee while learning about the special, distinct culture of Northern Albania. Ilir’s longer term goal is to market his own brand of flour, continuing the family milling tradition.