Vuno School and Hostel

The project “School of Vuno” ended on September 5th, 2008. During the summer season, our association successfully carried out this project, which was made possible thanks to the precious support of the local community, the Board of Education of Vlora, the Municipality of Himara, the Royal Embassy of the Netherlands Embassy in Albania, Mr. And Mrs. Van Marlen as well as the whole community of young travelers that visited us from around the world.

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Thanks to this cooperation, during the summer of 2008 we managed to clean up the area surrounding the school, renovate three existing toilets, install electricity and running water, restore and repaint the walls of the school, replace doors and rehabilitate green areas. After the end of the project the school reopened for the 2008 – 2009 school year. A computer and a printer were donated to the school at the end of the project.

Due to lack of students, Vuno School closed once more and reopened as a hostel– the first of several accommodations that have since opened in the village. Now, business from the travelers who stay at the hostel is an economic boon for the village during the summertime.

You can learn more about the village of Vuno here, and check Shkolla Hostel on Facebook!

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